Now that you have a dog, one of the first things you have to do is toilet training your dog. To house train a dog means training it where it should make a poop or where it should make ‘pee pee’. If you need dog training advice, specifically dog housebreaking tips and pointers, better read this whole article.

Having a dog or puppy in your home is comparable to having a baby. If your furry friend is untrained, most especially when it comes to using the toilet, your head will ache and you’ll have a hard time picking up after your doggie, cleaning the house to get rid of the smells and the actual poop and urine, and so on. This is why you should immediately go about the process of toilet training your dog.

The ideal time to house train a dog or a pup is if it is in the age of 6 weeks up to 4 months old. House breaking one that’s older than that may be more difficult, but it is definitely doable. One dog training advice is that it is normal if your beloved pet makes mistakes at first e.g. during the first few days or a couple of weeks from the time you brought it home. Those mistakes will not be repeated if you follow these dog housebreaking tips to the letter:

1. Research on the subject of housebreaking dogs.

Before starting the process of toilet training your dog, you should gain knowledge on the subject of how to house train a dog. There are many e-books and resources online as well as books in local bookstores that you can read. This article is also one of the many articles found on the Web that will give you good dog training advice, specifically on the right ways to house break your puppy.

2. Create a routine with your pet.

One of the most important dog housebreaking tips for dog owners is to establish a routine so that their pets will realize when are the right times they should go to the toilet and where they should ‘do the deed’. For instance, part of toilet training your dog is to give it food the same times each day e.g. once in the morning and once in the evening, and then, after it eats its food, the next step to house train a dog is to wait a few minutes, and then, take it out to the yard or to the area where you want it to urinate or to defecate. Just wait a few seconds or minutes and you’ll see it answering to the call of Mother Nature there. A vital dog training advice is for you to do these steps everyday as doing them routinely will make your doggie understand that every after meals, it should poop or take a leak out on the yard, or on the spot you keep on taking it to, after eating.

Immediately cleaning up your dog’s ‘mistakes’, giving it a praise or a reward for every time it pees or poops in the right spot, and the like, are other dog housebreaking tips that you should utilize to achieve your goal of toilet training your dog.

Karen Winton is knowledgeable on house training pups. To potty train a puppy, or teach it to behave, see: Dog Training Online. Positively train your pup after reading: Secrets Of A Professional Dog Trainer.

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