When you decided to buy a pet dog, you should know few things about it’s training and living. This is dog nature that it does not want to get trained from its master and does not want to seek guidance also. But it is highly important for you to train your dog about how to live in your house. So you should do your dog training. When you own a dog or puppy, it becomes your duty to teach it the rules of your house. Doghouse training is important for developing good relations between dog and your family members. Naturally, all dogs are capable of learning house training from their masters but it is better for you to take start soon. Basically, if your dog develops bad habits at early age, later on it will become difficult for you to change those habits of your dog. There are few guidelines, which you should follow in order to train your dog.

First and foremost is that you should not let your untrained dog free to comb in the house without any supervision. If you cannot keep a strict eye on him, you should confine him to his den. In doghouse, you should keep his bed, few toys, food and water bowl. But this should not be the case that you confine him in his house all the day. Give him some time for play and exercise as well. It will lead the dog training in good lines.

It is important for you to spend some specific time with your dog in his house. You should play with him, make him to sleep and feed him as well. It will make your dog your habit and good relation will develop between you and your dog. Once your doghouse becomes common for your dog and he gets used to his bed, you can introduce new things to him by moving his bed to several places of the house. In this way, he can get acquainted from new things of your home and can have good dog training.

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